CodeValidate Medical Necessity

VitalWare's CodeValidate Module

Sample Code:  Loading the CodeValidate widget

Below is a java script code sample on how to load the CodeValidate widget.  

  • To load the CodeValidate widget you need to retrieve a VwToken from your application.  We strongly advise against retrieving a token via JavaScript as this method is a risk that potentially exposes your credentials
<script language="javascript" src="{your_api_key}"></script>
 <script language="javascript">
    var cmnWidget = new commonWidget({
        container: 'commonWidget', //id of the container where you want the widget to load
        environment: 'secure',
        module: 'vwContainer', //for CodeValidate this will be your module
        component: 'CodeCheck', //component is CodeValidate
        resultFormat: 'json', //format you would like to send and receive data json
        vwToken: {token optained from your application} //call /authorize to get a vwToken you can send here

If successful,  the end result should look like the example below.

To load data you send the widget a load command with the data you want to send

    providerType: '13',
    contractor : '11201

Try it out! Use the forms below to initiate and then query the app inline with our documentation. See this page's source code for an in depth implementation.

Once the app is initialized, try passing a different JSON object to it using the 'load' method.


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